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Venue training locations and site maps


66 Starling Road, Officer


Enter via GATE 1 ONLY! Do not enter via EXIT Gate!


Gate 1 is just after large power pole.


There is a lock box on the back of the second post. Code will be sent to coaches to open lock box and to turn off alarm.

lock box heritage.jpg

Lock box is located on back of second post from the road. Outside of GATE 1.


Alarm panel is on the right as you enter main glass door to MPC. Enter code and press OFF button to turn off and enter code and press ON button to turn on if you're last out.


Exit via EXIT Gate only, DO NOT ENTER THIS GATE! No Speeding through the carpark and follow arrows. There may be people from the school, kids included after school hours and the rules need to be observed.


This is an EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY and  MUST NOT be used to exit to carpark unless there is an emergency and alarms are going off. Please make sure your teams know and are aware of this.

Heritage site map.jpg

This is the school mud map and shows direction of entry for MPC, where to park and which door to use as indicateed by Main Entrance, no EXITING via EMERGENCY EXIT door!

Maranatha logo.png

62 Rix road, Officer


Lock box will be hanging on this gate, this is the main entrance next to digital board.

Lock box is hanging with gate padlock, the key will lock the gate padlock as well as open the door to court. Coaches leaving last will need to close and lock the gate before locking key back in lock box.


This lock will be hanging on main gate


Enter code on this panel after pulling down front flap


After entering code pull down the button with arrow to open


Key is hanging on hook inside, please make sure it hang back when closing up


To close lock box, you will need to re enter the code and pull the arrow button down again. Please keep it closed even after taking key out so that it can't be removed.

For security purposes we will text coaches the code for the lock box.

Maranatha Officer Campus Map.jpg
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