Registration Fees Summer Season 2021/22
Summer seaon fees are TBD
Registration Fees Summer Season 2020/2021

Basketball Victoria has introduced a state wide player registration fee effective for the start of our Winter 2021 season.  This fee is payable directly to Basketball Victoria and is $25 per year plus a $3 admin fee (covers 365 days). 

More details about this will be provided as soon as we know more details. We have also setup the Play HQ system to take our $50 deposit which will come off the $290 for club registration.

Officer Bulls Basketball:

Player Registration (per season): $290 INC GST* (less deposit)

This covers all the necessary insurances, Aligned Leisure weekly team sheet fees, training costs and administration.

A payment plan is available at $50 per month x 6 months.

Uniform Details


We know that Basketball and sport in general is a big expense for even a single child family, in that light the club has made the decision not to place names on the singlets in order to make them as transferable as possible to siblings or other players at the club.


In future we will provide a uniform by back scheme and second hand sale for future seasons. We hope that this means kids don't have to wear uniforms several sizes too big and we can also keep costs under control in the long term for parents. We believe this was a good trade off.

Uniform Costs

Singlet & Shorts (both fully reversible): $100 INC GST* New uniforms must be paid for in full prior to the commencement of the season. Uniforms will be available second hand to purchase at a cost of $50 INLC GST* and will be available on payment plans as part of the total fees for a season.


If you purchase a new playing uniform, it can be sold back to the Club for $40, which we can take off the cost of your next uniform. Making the new uniform cost $66 INLC GST*


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone organise this with anyone at the club privately. It needs to go through the club so we can track jersey numbers to avoid clashes with kids moving teams. This will ensure our admin can allocate players to teams in a timely manner as we move forward.

Please note:

  • If taken on a payment plan, the uniform remains the property of the Club until the payment plan is completed;

  • The $50 for a used/ seconad hand uniform can be added to a registration fee payment plan;

  • Uniforms will be inspected by the club before buying back. If the uniform has any stains, marks, loose threads etc. we will be unable to buy the uniform back. They need to be in good condition to re-sell.


Registration & Uniform Payment Plan

Both the registration fees and uniform can be placed on a payment plan.  It will be fees ($290) plus ($100 INCL GST * or $50 INCL GST for seconad hand uniforms) comes to a total of $390 for new or $300.  There will be a payment of $70 or $60 GST Inc required for five (6) months.  This arrangement must be requested directly in email to Rob the club treasurer at:

Socks and any other club merchandise are not available on payment plan and must be paid for in full before added to any order or collected.

Other Merchandise

Coaches Shirts: available via Brett

Supporter Wear: available soon.

* All fees, merchandise and apparel are invoiced by the Officer Kangaroos JFC who from November 2018 were registered for GST.

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