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The club’s aim is not only to teach skills required for achieving a high level in basketball, but also life lessons for your children. With a love for the game and lifelong passion that runs deep, coupled with extensive experience gained along our continuing journey, we believe we can provide an excellent overall basketball experience for your child.

For more information and general questions please see our FAQs listed here


The club will be offering beginner -> intermediate skills sessions including:

  • Ball handling

  • Form Shooting

  • Shooting off the dribble

  • Catch and shoot

  • Footwork

  • Passing Technique

  • Defence

  • Rebounding

and many more..



Our coaching internship program runs all year and we have multiple coaching opportunities for you if you love Basketball and love the game. Do you like talking tactics, learning about new techniques and ways to teach Basketball skills, or are you new to the game and want to learn to help your child on their basketball journey?

Then this is the program for you!

Constant guidance and help with your sessions, in game coaching tuition from highly experienced coaches and much more.



The club will be promoting holiday camps for those who just cant have enough basketball in their life. These camps have been run through BMC Basketball for several years and we look forward to providing the option for our players registering for these camps during 2020.

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