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Officer Basketball has partnered with BMB Basketball to enable both players and coach to develop their passion and skills for the game.

The club will continue to offer a number of extra facilities to members. We have some great ideas and opportunities to leverage the affiliation with BMB Basketball to ensure that we provide the greatest possible grounding for our players and coaches of all ages, from beginners to advanced skillsets.

Some of the services we will look to offer are:

  • Individual and group skills training - Beginner to Advanced

  • Player training camps

  • School Holiday  Camps and Programs

  • Coaching from expert coaches with experience in professional leagues                   (SEABL, now NBL 1) One tier down for the national league.

  • Coaching development, coaches course and guides and training plans for our coaches

  • US College scholarship pathway

Mini BALLERS for 4 to 6 years olds with no experience, free trial sessions available!

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